If you need a credit card debt attorney NJ, the Law Offices of William Pegg of New Jersey should be your go-to law firm for help with credit card financial problems.

For anyone in New Jersey suffering from crushing credit card debt or student loan debt, a free consultation today with The Law Offices of William Pegg may be exactly what you need to get back on your feet. No matter what caused (or continues to cause) your credit card debt, it’s important to act now to avoid additional risks and challenges. Attorney William Pegg has counseled thousands of clients throughout NJ on how to finally end the cycle of never ending debt – contact him today with a free consultation to discuss your options.

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There are many situations that may indicate it’s time to hire a lawyer for your cc debt woes.  In fact, a law firm such as The Law Offices of William Pegg knows the ins and outs of credit card debt and how to resolve issues quickly and affordably.

Bankruptcy Protection

One option for dealing with credit card debt is to file for bankruptcy protection. Whether you file for Chapter 7 protection or Chapter 13 protection, credit card debt (and all other debt for that matter) is typically completely erased, enabling you to begin rebuilding your credit and growing your financial security. And while it’s technically possible to file for bankruptcy protection without a lawyer, the bankruptcy system is not easy to navigate or quick to move through. A licensed attorney with years of experience can help answer any questions you have and guide you to the best path forward. The Law Offices of William Pegg, located in Morris County, NJ, provides a free consultation to anyone interested in learning more about ending their credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy.


Not every lawyer or law firm can handle and resolve credit card issues. With over 45 years of service as a bankruptcy law firm, we’ve dealt with multiple situations such as foreclosure, business bankruptcy, student loans and more!

Bankruptcy Avoidance

As you consider whether bankruptcy is your best option, it’s important to get advice from a trusted partner and advocate that fully understands the perils of bankruptcy avoidance. No one likes the idea of filing for bankruptcy, but for many people, delaying the inevitable can have serious consequences. Not only does it drag out the process and cause borrowers to remain in financial despair for longer, but delaying a bankruptcy filing can make the entire bankruptcy process less helpful and more expensive. For anyone with significant credit card debt in New Jersey, a free call today to The Law Offices of William Pegg can be your first step to truly understanding your full financial picture and how to start improving it immediately.

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Debt Consolidation and Settlement

While bankruptcy protection can be a much-needed lifeline for many, and while delaying or avoiding bankruptcy can be a serious problem, attorney William Pegg understands that bankruptcy protection isn’t the best option for everyone. In fact, for some people with large credit card debt, a debt settlement or debt consolidation can be a great option. These arrangements involve an agreement between you and all of your lenders on a new debt program. After the consolidation, borrowers typically make just one monthly payment, with one interest rate and one principal amount — every loan and past-due amount they previously had is combined together. This allows borrowers to finally take steps to get out from under their debt. The monthly payments will account for more than just a credit card’s monthly minimum, which is crucial for actually paying down the principal of any debt.

And just like for people seeking bankruptcy protection, it is highly recommended to discuss debt consolidation and settlement options with an experienced attorney. Oftentimes debt relief consultants or agencies may try to assist underwater borrowers with these types of arrangements. Even though that is an option, these consultants and agencies don’t have the legal background and expertise to understand how a debt consolidation or settlement may compare with a bankruptcy filing or some other legal resolution. Plus, these consultants and agencies don’t have the same financial incentives as attorneys. Law firms such as The Law Offices of William Pegg are obligated to look out for their client’s best interests at all times.


True Debt Relief

For anyone suffering with significant credit card debt, acting now and seeking true debt relief can be a lifesaver. Whether that includes bankruptcy protection, debt consolidation, debt settlement, or some combination thereof, the first step toward real debt relief is getting assistance from someone you can trust. The Law Offices of William Pegg have made over 5,700 clients in New Jersey happy over the past 45+ years. That’s why we have received awards and recognitions of all kinds. And, perhaps most importantly, with over 15,000 cases won, attorney William Pegg isn’t just an experienced advocate you can trust – he’s also a successful one that knows how to deliver what his clients need. Call today for a free consultation.

Our skilled Morristown bankruptcy attorney can assist and offer help with your credit card debt problems.  Contact the Law Offices of William Pegg today for a credit card debt attorney NJ.

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