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Individuals facing significant financial issues may have several different paths forward to get out from under their crushing debt. From filing for bankruptcy to debt consolidation services to debt settlements, it can often seem impossible to figure out which option to pursue and when. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced attorney that can help you navigate this complex web to ensure you get back to financial security as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Law Offices of William Pegg offer not only bankruptcy services, but they also specialize in debt relief services, foreclosure services and business bankruptcy services too. Read on to learn more about what that means and whether it may be right for you.


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The Law Offices of William Pegg can help and offer top notch debt settlement services and debt relief to you, your family or your business. Whether you’re experiencing credit card debt, foreclosure, student loan debt or anything else, we can help. Before diving into what debt relief services are and and how to get rid of credit card debt on your own, it’s important to understand the problems that they may cure. If you’re faced with overwhelming amounts of medical, credit card and other personal debt, now’s the time to seek the help of an experienced professional. Other tell-tale signs include frequent and harassing calls from creditors, significant and recurring cash-flow problems, and a credit score that continues to fall.


If you’re experiencing any of the above, a licensed attorney may be able to provide the assistance you desperately need. With over 45 years of experience, more than 5,500 happy clients, and over 15,000 cases won, contacting The Law Offices of William Pegg can be the best first step towards regaining your financial independence.

Debt Settlements

Debt settlement is a financial strategy whereby a debtor works with all of its creditors to collectively reduce the total amount of debt outstanding. These debt settlements are handled outside of court, meaning they are not subject to the bankruptcy laws or protections in any way. Instead, these are voluntary agreements amongst you and all (or most) of your creditors to restructure debt in hopes of avoiding the potential consequences of bankruptcy. Debt settlements can be very difficult to negotiate, especially for consumers with many different types of debt and/or many different creditors. That’s why debt settlements are almost always negotiated by an agency or bankruptcy lawyer.


While many consumers frequently turn to debt relief agencies for help with debt settlements, it can often be advantageous to first discuss all options with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Unlike most debt relief agencies, attorneys like William Pegg know the ins and outs of both the debt-relief options and the bankruptcy options. For anyone facing serious financial constraints, it’s important to consider all options as early as possible. Debt settlements can be a great path for many consumers, but it is not the only one, and people too often realize that after they’re several months or years into a debt settlement that no longer works for them.

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Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is similar in many ways to debt settlement, but instead of primarily focusing on reducing the total amount of debt, this strategy focuses on reducing the total number of creditors. This results in several loans being converted into one new consolidated one, with one interest rate and one monthly payment. An ancillary benefit of debt consolidation may be a better credit score due to an improved credit utilization ratio.

Just like with debt settlement, it’s important to talk to a trusted advisor before pursuing strategy. The benefits of debt consolidation are real, but it is not right for all people. The Law Offices of William Pegg has significant experience in dealing with debt consolidation, as well as debt settlement, bankruptcy filings, and other debt relief services. We can guide you through the various options and help you determine which is best for you, depending on your specific situation and debt profile. Call today for a free consultation and to learn how to take the first step toward a better financial future.

Our skilled Morristown bankruptcy attorney can assist and offer the best in debt relief.  Contact the Law Offices of William Pegg for New Jersey debt relief services.

The Law Offices of William Pegg offers debt relief services NJ.