For a bankruptcy student loan attorney NJ, choose the Law Offices of William Pegg! For anyone with significant student loan debt in New Jersey, The Law Offices of William Pegg can provide the assistance you need, based on the legal experience you deserve. Attorney William Pegg can help with all types of student loans, including private student loans and federal student loans. Whether you’re suffering extreme financial hardship due to your student loans or believe you’re the victim of a servicing error or some other wrong committed by your student loan processor, now’s the time to speak to an experienced professional that can help. Contact our offices in New Jersey today regarding student loan debt and receive a free consultation with no commitment necessary.

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The Law Offices of William Pegg  offers legal assistance and help when it comes to student loan debts.  There are many situations where an established law firm such as the Law Offices of William Pegg can help with student loan financial troubles. So contact us today to learn more and for a free consultation.

While student loan debt can be extremely difficult to discharge, there are several situations where it makes sense to contact a lawyer for help. If you have any questions about your rights and options with respect to your student loan debt, The Law Offices of William Pegg is happy to speak to you about them. Additionally, attorney William Pegg is an expert negotiator, meaning he can assist in your communications and negotiations with your student loan lender, servicer, collection agency or administrative body. We handle credit disputes and can even represent you in court when necessary. And, The Law Offices of William Pegg in New Jersey can even help protect individuals from unfair and aggressive debt collectors and agencies.


Federal Student Loan Lawsuits

Most recent student loans were actually made directly by the federal government, meaning your loan may be owed to the government instead of a private company. This may be the case even if your payments are managed by a private company, as the federal government contracts out its loan servicing duties to contractors. Attorney William Pegg can help you understand whether your loans are federally or privately owned, as this distinction can have a significant impact on your rights and options.

Unfortunately, servicers of federal loans often have an incentive to delay repayment of federal loans in order to increase their income from student loan borrowers. Additionally, these loan services may harass student loan borrowers incessantly, even to the point of breaking the law. In both of these scenarios, an experienced law firm, like The Law Offices of William Pegg in New Jersey can help student loan borrowers understand their rights.

student loan debt attorney NJ

Student Loan Lawsuits

People that have defaulted on their student loans may be sued by their loan services. Once a lawsuit has been filed against you, it’s imperative that you promptly speak with an attorney. And while student loans are very difficult to discharge, there are some legal defenses that may help your case, such as:


  • It’s not your debt (typically due to identity theft, fraud, or incorrect records;
  • The amount claimed in the lawsuit isn’t correct (typically due to incorrect records or recent payments not being reflected);
  • You student loans were discharged after you filed for bankruptcy (while this often isn’t the case, it can happen, and it’s important to protect your rights in these case);
  • Your school closed before you could complete your degree (which only applies to federal student loans and has many additional requirements and limitations); and
  • Your lender missed a deadline or otherwise made a technical error in the lawsuit.


Each of the above defenses may help you avoid a lawsuit, but everyone’s circumstances vary. That’s why it’s important to contact a local attorney for assistance, such as The Law Offices of William Pegg in New Jersey


Student Loan Debt Settlement

Under a debt settlement (which can include student debt, as well as other types of debt), an attorney or agency contacts all of a person’s lenders and tries to negotiate a better debt package. These negotiations can lead to lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and/or lower total amount of debt outstanding. After a successful negotiation, the debtor has a significantly improved debt profile, and is on the way to a greatly improved financial outlook. These settlement deals are achieved without anyone having to file for bankruptcy. Attorney William Pegg in New Jersey has years of experience advocating for his clients to ensure the best possible debt settlement is achieved given each client’s individual circumstances. Call The Law Offices of William Pegg now to learn more during your free consultation.


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